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US denies arms supplies to Ukraine — State Department spokesperson

Commenting on the report, Nauert said "we are not there yet"

WASHINGTON, July 26. /TASS/. The United States has not supplied defensive weapons to Ukraine, but does not rule out this possibility in the future, US Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Tuesday, commenting on a BBC report that this issue was under consideration.

US Special Envoy for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker, who made his first trip to Ukraine recently, said earlier in an interview with the BBC channel that "defensive weapons would allow Ukraine to defend itself." At the same time, he said "that's a matter for further discussion and decision."

Commenting on the report, Nauert said "we are not there yet."

"Let me take out the word "yet," she continued. "We are not there. The United States has not provided defensive weapons nor have we ruled it out to provide to the Ukrainians."

Commenting on the rumors earlier on Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said such measures would "only further distance us from the moment of settling this intra-Ukrainian issue" and provoke further tensions.