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Explosion in Kharkov causes fire

There were no immediate reports about casualties

KHARKOV, January 25. /TASS/. An explosion occurred in Ukraine’s second largest city of Kharkov, located in the country’s northeast overnight to Sunday, Ukrainian media reported, citing eyewitnesses.

The Vgorode newspaper reported that the explosion that caused a fire occurred near Balashovka district. There were no immediate reports about casualties.

Other sources have not confirmed the report to TASS.

On January 19, there was an explosion in Kharkov near the Moskovsky court building, injuring 13 people. The explosion was qualified as an act of terrorism.

In November last year, more than 10 people were injured in a cafe explosion in the city. Criminal proceedings were instituted under the Criminal Code article “terrorist attack.” There was also an explosion in the furniture store in Rymarskaya Street in Kharkov in later December.