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Orban slams Ukraine's EU membership talks ‘politically motivated’

However, Hungary will not block the process, the Prime Minister told the German Funke publishing group

BERLIN, June 25. /TASS/. Hungary considers the negotiations on Ukraine's EU membership politically motivated as there are a number of uncertainties, but will not block the process, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the German Funke publishing group.

"Hungary does not agree with the process, but we are not blocking it and we support the start of negotiations. It is not a question of saying yes or no to EU membership. But we must first find out what the consequences would be of accepting a country at war whose borders are not defined in practice. What will be the consequences of accepting a huge country [into the EU] for EU agriculture? Now we are starting negotiations without clarity on these issues, which is not good. This is a purely politically motivated process," Orban said.

Earlier, all 27 EU countries approved the date for the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. They will begin on June 25.