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Moldovan opposition leader Lungu released after 3-hour check at Chisinau airport

He said that he "will not let it all hang out and will file complaints with a court"

CHISINAU, May 28. /TASS/. Leader of Moldova’s Sansa (Chance) opposition party Alexei Lungu has been released after a three-hour check at Chisinau’s airport, his wife Diana said.

"They refused to bring official charges or explain why I was detained. They checked my luggage but I had only a costume and underwear. We will not let it all hang out and will file complaints with a court," Lungu said, adding that he returned from Moscow after taking part in the BRICS International Financial and Economic Forum.

Earlier, Lungu and other Moldovan opposition activists took part in an opposition forum in Moscow, which was crowned by the establishment of the Victorie (Victory) bloc that would be in opposition to the ruling pro-European Party of Action and Solidarity. Explaining the choice of the venue, participants in the forum stressed that such an event could not be held in Moldova due to the persecution by the country’s authorities. Many of the delegates were detained at the Chisinau airport upon their return from Moscow.