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US 'bamboozling' American public with loan to Ukraine — news outlet

Jude Russo opited that further Ukraine aid is out of step with the priorities of the American people

NEW YORK, April 5. /TASS/. Giving aid to Ukraine in the form of an interest-free loan is an attempt to "bamboozle" the American people, managing editor of The American Conservative Jude Russo said, commenting on a recent statement from Speaker of the US House of Representative Mike Johnson on the upcoming discussions about further aid to Ukraine.

"A zero-interest waivable loan is just a grant by another name — a name that, lawmakers hope, will bamboozle the American people into thinking they’re not really handing out more money to Ukraine," Russo noted. "I think further Ukraine aid is not a good idea; I think it is out of step with the priorities of the American people," he added.

The managing editor also commented on a statement made by Senator Lindsey Graham [on the list of terrorists and extremists in Russia - TASS] "Once Ukraine gets back on its feet, they will be an economic powerhouse because of their access to mass deposits of critical minerals, oil and gas," in support of the idea," Graham said.

"If Ukraine is such a prospective powerhouse because of its natural resources and human capital, why wasn’t it a massive European success story before the outbreak of the war?" Russo asked.