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Venezuelan president commends opposition’s victory in several regions

Nicolas Maduro said, that the government coalition won in 63% of cities

BUENOS AIRES, November 29. / TASS /. The victory of the opposition in a number of Venezuela’s regions will benefit the country, President Nicolas Maduro told Venezolana de Television channel.

"It should be noted that the opposition received a sufficient number of governor and mayor posts. I believe that the polls were successful for the opposition, and I think it is good for us," the head of state said.

According to Maduro, the government coalition won in 63% of cities. "[The opposition] won even in some municipalities, where we, the followers of [former President Hugo] Chavez, have a majority of votes," the Venezuelan leader noted.

Maduro also called on the opposition to proceed with "a new dialogue." "In the near future, I am going to meet with the opposition leaders and independent candidates, who were elected on November 21, <…> in order to reach mutual understanding in our work," the head of state pointed out.

On November 21, Venezuela held the regional and municipal polls, during which the citizens voted for heads of local executive bodies and members of state assemblies. According to the National Electoral Council, the ruling coalition claimed governorships in 20 out of 23 states, while the Democratic Unity Roundtable won in two states.