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All Sudanese military coup plotters arrested, interrogation underway — reports

It is reported that the Sudanese army command knew about the looming coup and was keeping a close eye on its plotters for some time

CAIRO, September 21. /TASS/. All the individuals complicit in a foiled coup plot in Sudan have been taken into custody and are being interrogated, the Sudan News Agency reported on Tuesday, citing a statement by the government’s council.

"The security agencies and military authorities have aborted a coup attempt at dawn today," the statement says.

"The situation is under control and all those complicit in it have been arrested. An investigation against them has been launched," it says.

The Al Arabiya TV Channel earlier reported that a group of armor corps officers from among the supporters of the country’s former President Omar al-Bashir staged a coup at around 03:00 a.m. local time (04:00 a.m. Moscow time) and attempted to seize power in Sudan and overthrow the ruling Sovereign Council.

As the TV Channel reported, the coup plotters, who were also joined by personnel from the Airborne Force and engineering troops were led by Major General Abdel Baki Bakrawi. Furthermore, all of them were associated with the Muslim Brotherhood organization (outlawed in Russia), it said.

The Sudanese army command knew about the looming coup and was keeping a close eye on its plotters for some time. The conspirators intended to arrest members of the Council and the army’s top command and also attempted to seize the building of the state radio station but their scheme failed. The headquarters of the armored forces were the plotters’ last pocket of resistance.

After barricading themselves inside the building, the conspirators refused to surrender, despite calls by army commanders that had encircled them from all the sides. According to the latest data by the Al Arabiya broadcaster, they agreed to lay down their arms some time ago.

The situation in the Sudanese capital remains calm. All the roads have been unblocked and no problems with transport are observed. Government agencies and shops are operating as normal.