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China, Russia should expand their cooperation into new spheres, says Chinese diplomat

According to the Chinese government’s special envoy for Eurasian affairs, two countries "jointly offset the so-called political viruses"

BEIJING, June 1. /TASS/. China and Russia have been supporting each other in the international arena and should look at developing cooperation in new areas, Li Hui, the Chinese government’s special envoy for Eurasian affairs, said on Tuesday.

"Our countries always support each other actively. We jointly offset the so-called political viruses," he told an online international conference of the Russian-Chinese cooperation. "We are facing new tasks, and for these ends, we must breathe in new ideas into bilateral cooperation based on the [bilateral] Treaty [on good neighborly relations, friendship and cooperation."

According to the Chinese diplomat, close cooperation between Beijing and Moscow in the process of combating the pandemic "has demonstrated to the world a brilliant example" of efficient and coordinated efforts between two big powers. He noted that along with, such traditional areas of cooperation such as the energy sector, the two countries should ramp up cooperation in new and promising spheres, for instance, in e-commerce.

"Our countries promote universal global security. <…> Understanding between the peoples of China and Russia is growing stronger, and our common goal is to ensure principles of general equality and justice," Li Hui stressed.