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Protesters throw stones at government buildings in Colombia's capital

Demonstrations started across Colombia on Thursday

BOGOTA, November 22. /TASS/. Several governmental buildings in Colombia's Bogota have been damaged after protesters threw stones at them, El Tiempo newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, demonstrators attacked the buildings of the National Congress, Bogota's mayor's office, Palace of Justice. Protestors also vandalized several bus stations and burned down over 10 trash cans.

Clashes between protestors and police continue in several parts of Bogota.

Demonstrations started across Colombia on Thursday. Protesters took to the streets to express their discontent with the social and economic policies of the administration of president Ivan Duque. The authorities ordered to close all land and sea borders until Friday morning. According to Colombia's Interior Ministry, over 207,000 people took part in protests across the country.