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Kiev confirms commitment to indefinite ceasefire in Donbass from July 21

Earlier on Wednesday, the Contact Group reached an agreement on establishing an indefinite ceasefire in eastern Ukraine starting from July 21

KIEV, July 17. /TASS/. Kiev confirms its commitment to the agreement on an indefinite ceasefire in Donbass approved by the Contact Group seeking peace for east Ukraine on Wednesday, Darya Olifer, spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Representative Leonid Kuchma, wrote on Facebook.

"The Trilateral Contact Group … confirms its full adherence to the comprehensive, stable and indefinite ceasefire starting from July 21 and once more states its joint and firm adherence to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements," she wrote.

According to Olifer, the sides pledged "to provide full and secure access for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) across the entire territory of Ukraine, in compliance with its mandate, including the use of technical equipment."

She pointed out that the sides completed the disengagement of forces and weapons near Stanitsa Luganskaya.

Earlier in the day, OSCE Special Representative Martin Sajdik said in the Belarussian capital that the Contact Group had negotiated the terms of an indefinite ceasefire in Donbass. According to Sajdik, the Contact Group underscored "it was of importance to approve and follow the orders to cease fire, which will be announced by the sides’ superior commanders in public statements."

Sajdik added that the Contact Group emphasized the importance "to effectively use disciplinary measures in cases of ceasefire breaches and to notify the OSCE SMM" about such violations.

The OSCE envoy said the Contact Group emphasized it was necessary to "refuse from conducting any offensives along with reconnaissance and sabotage operations, from using any weapons, including sniper fire, from deploying heavy weapons in the civil infrastructure facilities, including schools, kindergartens, hospitals and public facilities."