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Merkel saves government coalition by not seeking reelection as chancellor — expert

Angela Merkel's decision is right from a political point of view, head of the Center of German Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladislav Belov said
German Chancellor Angela Merkel AP Photo/Markus Schreiber
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
© AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

MOSCOW, October 29. /TASS/. By announcing her resignation as CDU leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has saved the parliament coalition and at the same time retained wide opportunities for participating in the political life, head of the Center of German Studies at the Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the "Russia-Germany" Society Vladislav Belov told TASS on Monday.

"There will be many speculations, and many people will try to sting her," Belov said. "People are already tired of Angela Merkel. However, even though the public will sneer, it's still a long time until federal elections. The party is expected to consolidate now and look for solutions. The faster it happens, the more trust people will have for the parliament coalition and for Merkel as a chancellor," he added.

Merkel's refusal to compete for reelection as the chairperson of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was directed at ensuring party renewal, the expert continued. "It is clear that [Merkel's] statement is balanced, thought-out and directed at consolidating party ranks in the conditions of the deep crisis of CDU," he noted. "Angela Merkel thus demonstrates that the position of a chairperson is not an aim in itself for her, and that she is ready to step down if there are other candidates," Belov said.

The final decision on who will head CDU will be made at the next party convention, the expert said. He did not rule out that party leaders may offer Merkel to remain the chairperson despite her statement. "However, this is not vely likely," Belov noted.

According to the expert, Merkel's decision is right from the political point of view. "By making this statement [that she will not seek reelection as German chancellor], she wants to show that party interests are more important than personal interests," Belov said. "As an appointed federal chanceller, as a person who was able to create a large government coalition, she is determined to go until the end in fulfilling her plans. It is very hard, but possible," the expert concluded.