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Russian military deliver humanitarian aid to Syrian Et-Teibe

Packages contain flour, grain, tinned meat and tea

LATAKIA /SYRIA/, October 28. /TASS/. The Russian military of the center for reconciliation of the warring parties were delivering humanitarian aid to recently liberated Et-Teibe a few steps from the military actions, the center’s representative Colonel Alexander Sergeyev told reporters on Saturday.

"Of course, we have to be on alert all the time and have to be prepared to any emergencies, thus we have attracted a unit of the military police, who guard the order here," he said. "As for where the military actions area is - well, it is just a few kilometers away, about ten kilometers. The explosions can be heard from here."

Much-suffering Et-Teibe

Only a few years ago, about five thousand people lived in the village. When the war began, most of them had to flee the area escaping from the coming terrorists. Most of the resident now have returned home, but in Et-Teibe there are no shops, and the locals cannot travel to neighboring villages. They received from the Russian military packages, which contain flour, grain, tinned meat and tea.

"We have not been at home for five years, until the Syrian military liberated our village. Now, we have supplies of the essentials - food and fuel. The clinic and school have begun working, so soon children will resume classes," a local resident, Alya Ad-Din Rafaya said. There are ten people in his family. The Russian military have brought the humanitarian package to his home. His wife, Samakher Rifaya, says the village begins living. "Looking back at the time we spent away from home - it was very difficult. Therefore, we can call this situation peaceful already. Of course, when we returned home, we faced problems - many houses were damaged, but thanks to the government and the local administration the life resumes here," she said.

According to her, the food package would be sufficient for her family for about a month. "We shall add our products, will stretch, save somehow. This tinned meat, rice, flour are really helpful for our family," she added.

The military handed out the packages under supervision of the local authorities, which had put a list of the poorest families. A lawmaker Khamsi Shakhin said "this village has suffered a lot." "All the people you can see now - they had left for other villages, had to live there in other houses. And, as this village was cleared off terrorists, they could return. You see, there are still ruined houses here, they are due to be fixed. And the people have begun working," he said.

He also said, "only friends" help to cope with the complicated humanitarian situation in the country. "The European countries are not assisting, the USA is not assisting, the Arab countries are not assisting… Only friends, like Russia, which helps us not only in defending our fatherland," he told reporters. -0kar.