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Hainan celebrates Chinese Tourism Day with multiple cultural events

The events will be held until the end of May, the Nanguo Metropolis Daily reported

HAIKOU /China/, May 20. /TASS/. The southern Chinese province of Hainan has launched a series of cultural and entertainment events in connection with the national Tourism Day, which was celebrated in China on May 19. This was reported by the Nanguo Metropolis Daily.

According to the newspaper, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Hainan, with the assistance of the administrative districts of the region has published a rich program. It features a list of major events designed to boost the local tourism industry.

The events will be held until the end of May. One of them coincides with the Chinese Valentine's Day (May 20) which will be celebrated with a romantic program, the newspaper wrote. Haikou, the administrative center of Hainan, will host themed events that will touch on various aspects of life, and even fashion trends in clothing.

Haikou acts as a "key link" in promoting tourism and will coordinate themed events to be held in other localities in Hainan. These include Wenchang (northeast of the island), where one of China's four space launch facilities is located on the shores of the South China Sea, Chengmai County (north), known in the country as the "land of the long-livers", Wuzhishan (center), surrounded by mountains and dense forests, and Qionghai on the east coast, where the Boao Forum of Asia is held every spring.

The authorities plan to focus on promoting maritime, agrarian, sports and scientific tourism in the events. A special area of focus is going to be camping and private car trips around the island, which in recent years has created an extensive network of quality roads that pass through the most picturesque places of Hainan.

In addition,Lingao County and Danzhou (north of the island) have a rich tourism development program with a focus on intangible cultural heritage and sustainability. The city of Wanning (southeast coast) will focus on the consumption sector, with tourist facilities, hotels and restaurants joining the activities. The local market is expected to be greatly enlivened by numerous trade promotions.