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Media: Hainan Cultural Fair creates new incentives for free trade port

The organizers of the event arranged halls with a total area of 33,000 square meters to house the fair's pavilions

HAIKOU /China/, January 2. /TASS/. The 6th China International Cultural Industries Fair in Hainan's Sanya created new incentives for the dynamic development of the free trade port in China's southernmost province. As the Hainan Daily newspaper reported, this large-scale event "allowed visitors to enjoy the diversity and exoticism of different countries in a one-stop-shop mode."

Fascinating expositions were presented to residents and guests of the island for four days at the Hongshulin International Convention Center. The organizers arranged for halls, the total area of which amounted to 33 thousand square meters. The participants presented 50,000 exhibits to the public.

According to the media, visitors were especially attracted by jade and wooden figurines from Myanmar and Zimbabwe, French wine and hand-made carpets from Afghanistan, which took six months of hard work to produce. In addition, great interest was aroused by the booths of leading Chinese museums, including the Sanxingdui Museum (Southwest Sichuan Province), the Liaoning Provincial Museum (northeast China) and Henan Province’s State Museums (center of the country), the Beijing Metropolitan Museum. Thanks to them, the newspaper's observers believe, the event has become "richer and more educational."

Hainan province presented the richness and versatility of its culture at the fair, including many items of intangible heritage of the Li people, an indigenous ethnic group who settled the island some 3,000 years ago. In addition, the province demonstrated various household items made of wood and bamboo - ancient bills, furniture and stationery. As specialists remind, these unique rarities of the past, preserved to this day, are of great value and allow you to get a deeper sense of history.

This time the fair was attended by more than 40 foreign enterprises and representative offices of several foreign organizations, two thirds of PRC's administrative-territorial units such as provinces, autonomous regions and cities. A distinctive feature of the large-scale event, as noted, was "a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation."

Sanya’s International Cultural Industry Fair was first held in 2015 and, since then, it welcomed 542 thousand people from 116 countries, regions, and foreign countries free of charge. More than 1.3 thousand companies participated in the annual events. Diplomats from nearly 100 countries have seen the expositions. This year it is held on December 24-27 and is larger than the previous ones.