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Putin calls for "strong positive dynamics" in all key sectors of Russia

The president touched on housing construction, education, vocational training, and other spheres

MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for efforts to achieve "strong positive dynamics" in all vital spheres.

Opening a meeting of the Council on Strategic Development and National Projects on Monday, the president mentioned the situation in the housing construction sector. He noted that this sector has been developing dynamically, and the country is about to achieve the best-ever figures in this sector.

"And such strong positive dynamics must be in all vital spheres," he stressed.

According to the president, serious steps have been made in the sphere of education. "In the next five years, and we agreed about that at a recent congress of the United Russia party, capital repairs must be carried out at schools, first of all, in villages and small settlements," he said, adding that much attention should be focused on efforts to build modern environment for people.

He also touched upon issues of vocational training. He recalled that more than 1,500 vocational schools and colleges had been equipped in accordance with the world standards. "More and more higher education institutions in our regions provide world-class education, and their research activities are internationally recognized," he said.

He stressed that training highly-qualified personnel and accelerated scientific and technological development are a major part of the national agenda. "Advanced solutions, including artificial intellect and big data analysis, are widely used in everyday life, both in the spheres of finance and public health and practically in every sector of our economy. Such steady progress in the sphere of innovation should be additionally supported, including by means of stimulating measures and adjustment of the regulation system," Putin added.