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Putin believes his main achievement is ahead; happiness is being in demand

He also pointed that any misfortunes should be treated as inevitable

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that his main achievement in the capacity of the head of state is still ahead.

"I do hope that it is still ahead," Putin said in reply to a question during the annual Direct Line TV program on Wednesday.

He stressed that any misfortunes should be treated as inevitable.

"Anybody in my position must proceed from the assumption that they (misfortunes - TASS) are absolutely natural. It is very important and crucial to be certain about the correctness of the course you are following. Then you can move on like an icebreaker through any ice floe, without understanding well enough what is happening, but at the same time without paying attention to what is going on around, but staying focused on the goal you have set to yourself," he stressed.

The philosophical question about happiness made Putin pause for a second. In his own words, he tried to formulate the answer as succinctly as possible: "I believe that to be happy you've got to feel you are in demand and to have a chance to display your potential."

He also dropped a tongue-in-cheek remark that he saw no sense in seeking any job after retirement. "What's the point of working after retirement?" Putin replied when asked what job he might select after leaving the presidential post. "I'll be warming my toes in front of a fire," he laughed.