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China's Sansha gets second support vessel 'Sansha-2'

The vessel will be used for various purposes

HAIKOU, August 5./TASS/. The operation of the Sansha-2 support vessel will begin this month in the Chinese city of Sansha (southern Hainan Province). The floating ceremony took place on July 31 at a local port, Xinhua reported.

The construction of a ship with a displacement of 8,000 tonnes for the needs of the Sansha city located on the Yongxing Island (Woody Island) took one year and seven months. Its length is 128 m, its width is 20.4 m, its draft is 5.7 m. The vessel has a cruising range of 6 thousand nautical miles, and it can accommodate about 400 people.

This is the second ship of this type, built specifically for the city of Sansha. The first - Sansha-1 - was delivered to Yongxing from Shanghai in January 2017.

"Sansha-2" will be coping with various tasks: the transportation of cargos to the island, participation in rescue operations, as well as the implementation of research expeditions in the region.

Putting the vessel into operation will significantly expand the transport capabilities of the city of Sansha, which has the Sisha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands under its authority. Founded in 2012, this city is the youngest in China.