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Hainan administration rewards scientific events involving foreign professionals

The regional Science and Technology Department said that the amount of cash incentives can be up to half of the amount incurred by the host of the event, but will not exceed 500,000 yuan

HAIKOU /China/, May 28. /TASS/. Hainan provincial authorities will give cash prizes to organizers or managers of events where major foreign science and technology experts actively participated. This was announced by the Department of Science and Technology of the region.

The amount of cash incentives can be up to half the amount of costs incurred by the party hosting the event but will not exceed 500 thousand yuan ($ 70.6 thousand at current exchange rates), the department said. The bonus program applies to forums, conferences and symposiums held from June 25, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

Individuals or companies responsible for major events attended by more than 100 people, including at least 20 foreign professionals, will be the first to qualify for such monetary support. In the case of small meetings attended by 30 people or more (of which 25 percent were recognized foreign professionals), up to 200,000 yuan ($28,200) is eligible.

According to the rules, if one organizer or executor held several events in Hainan, that person can count on cash bonuses only for two of them per year, that is, for the amount not exceeding 1 million yuan ($141.2 thousand).

The island regularly holds events aimed at strengthening contacts between China and other countries in the cultural, humanitarian and scientific fields, to create a more solid foundation for mutually beneficial international projects. The Hainan authorities actively encourage conferences and symposiums with the participation of highly qualified specialists from all over the world.