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Germicidal quartz lamps efficiently destroy coronavirus

The lamps could be used at home provided that safety rules are observed, according to the Russian Health Ministry

MOSCOW, June 2. /TASS/. The coronavirus is efficiently destroyed by quartz germicide lamps of both open and closed types, the Russian Health Ministry announced on the coronavirus prevention website Tuesday.

"Germicidal quartz lamps of open and closed types efficiently destroy the coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria in indoor air, and open type lamps additionally [efficiently destroy them] on various surfaces. The lamps could be used by citizens in their homes and apartments, under the condition of compliance with safety rules (eye protection)," the commentary runs.

Meanwhile, the main coronavirus prevention measures at home are regular airing, wet cleanup, frequent hand wash, use of individual dishes and cutlery and means of personal hygiene. Disinfection of air and surfaces are mostly suggested for medical organizations.

The Ministry of Health also noted that the patients who recovered from the coronavirus infection are not issued any special papers. This information is logged into a patient’s medical record.