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Many German companies try to continue working in Russia — ambassador

In his words, German businesses are now under serious political pressure from the German government

MOSCOW, January 17. /TASS/. Many German companies are doing their best to stay on the Russian market and are looking for ways to continue cooperation with Russian partners, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechayev said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta government daily on Tuesday.

"Many German companies are trying to stay on the Russian market. They don’t want to throw away cooperation tools that took decades to be created, so they are trying to conform and irritate politicians as little as possible," Nechayev said.

In his words, German businesses are now under serious political pressure from the German government.

"It’s hard to ignore it. Bilateral trade and economic ties have already sustained a serious blow. Cooperation is being phased out by the German side. Working formats and organizational institutions are being scrapped. Businesses are forced to declare their unwavering commitment to anti-Russian policies," the diplomat added.

Nechayev went on to say that the majority of German businessmen realize that this policy runs counter to their interests.

"In 2013, Germany was Russia’s number one foreign trade partner. About six thousand German enterprises were represented in Russia," he said. "Naturally, German businesses who managed to secure leading positions on the Russian market are reluctant to leave it. Many entrepreneurs are trying to preserve their business contacts and representation in our country, and are looking for acceptable forms of cooperation."

The ambassador noted that Moscow and Berlin continue to cooperate in the historical and memorial domain.

"Russian-German agreements on preservation of Soviet military graves - there are about 4,000 of them here - continue to function properly. A relevant intergovernmental agreement turned 30 years just recently. There are other examples [of successful cooperation] as well," Nechayev said.