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Russian embassy critical of latest US restrictions

On Wednesday, the US imposed sanctions on 22 individuals and companies from different countries

WASHINGTON, February 2. /TASS/. The US sanctions policies will not achieve the stated goal, with Russian industries increasingly relying on their own strength, Russia’s embassy in Washington said in a comment on Wednesday.

Commenting on the latest sanctions, announced by the US Treasury, targeting individuals and legal entities who Washington said played a role in circumventing anti-Russian restrictions, the embassy said, "The flywheel of the sanctions machine, propelled to red heat by the US authorities, continues to generate numerous restrictions with side effects for third parties. <…> It looks like the authors of such decisions don’t think about their legitimacy. And also about the consequences for other countries, including partners and allies of the US. Such a widespread use of secondary measures cannot be explained in any other way,"

"They don’t seem to understand that many nations see Washington's proposals to cooperate accompanied by threats of punishment for interactions with Russia as a mockery," the embassy said in its comment.

"We can only confirm that such illegal steps by the United States will not achieve the stated goal. The Russian economy remains far from being `in tatters’, as some in the West hope. The same goes with Russia’s industry, which, thanks to - and despite - all economic barriers, is increasingly relying on its own strength," the embassy emphasized.

On Wednesday, the US imposed sanctions on 22 individuals and companies from different countries. Russian, Cypriote, Israeli, Italian, Latvian, Singaporean and Uzbek nationals as well as companies from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Israel, Latvia and Singapore specializing in electronic computing hardware, defense solutions, trade and construction were affected. The assets owned by the sanctioned individuals and entities in the United States will be frozen, while US citizens or companies will be banned from doing any business with those under sanctions.