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Cooperation with countries ready for dialogue becomes priority of Russian diplomacy — MFA

It is reported that the task of adapting the international system to multipolar realities is of particular importance

MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday held a meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s board, which focused on the main tasks of Russian foreign policy at the present stage of international relations, as follows from the ministry’s news release.

"Amid soaring contradictions in relations with unfriendly states, the priority of Russian diplomacy is an all-out build-up of long-term, stable and mutually beneficial partnerships with countries and their associations that display a constructive attitude to a dialogue with Moscow," the news release reads.

"The board noted that the situation in the world had undergone profound changes in recent years. There is an obvious desire of the United States and its satellites to impede the objective processes of establishing a fair democratic world order, to weaken alternative centers of economic development and political influence and to subordinate everyone to their diktat," the Foreign Ministry stated. "Such a policy shakes loose the mechanisms of global governance and undermines the foundations of international law. All areas of international relations are exposed to crises, while the opportunities of diplomacy as a means of reconciling the interests of states are seriously narrowed by a low level of trust among the leading powers."

Of particular importance, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, is the task of adapting the international system to multipolar realities, including the existing challenges in the field of security and world development.

"In this regard, the growing role of collective efforts in the UN, CSTO, SCO, BRICS, EAEU, and G20 was noted," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

In this context, the Foreign Ministry’s board considered the issue of updating the regulatory framework for foreign policy activities, including through the lens of ongoing work on a new concept of Russia's foreign policy.