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Kiev prepares provocations to attract attention, says Russian ambassador to UK

It is reported that Kiev is losing resources

NEW YORK, October 26./TASS/. Kiev is preparing a provocation to attract attention against the background of the lack of success on the fronts. It could be a strike on the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant or ‘a dirty bomb’, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin said on Wednesday.

"We have a feeling that at this moment, authorities in Kiev need to attract attention by something. because actually the offensive attack on different fronts, a counter attack, so they’re calling it, has stopped," the diplomat said in an interview with CNN.

Kiev is losing resources. "The frontline has stabilized in all three places - in Kherson, in the east and in Zaporozhye," Kelin went on to say. "It needs something like probably the dam in Kakhovka. <…> Or perhaps something else. <…> If intelligence is saying that something is in preparation," then they are right. "So the issue is to verify. If it is not over there, so we will simply be happy," the ambassador added.