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Kiev systematically aggravates crisis in negotiating process — Russian envoy

Boris Gryzlov also noted that "Ukraine continues to hide from Donetsk and Lugansk its stance regarding a political settlement in Donbass"

MOSCOW, September 15. /TASS/. The Ukrainian delegation in the Contact Group for a settlement in Donbass continues to aggravate the crisis in the negotiating process, Russia’s representative in the Contact Group, Boris Gryzlov, said after the group’s videoconference on Wednesday.

"Let me stress that Kiev merely widens the gap between Ukraine and Donbass, thus breeding mutual distrust. The cost of such behavior is the well-being and lives of people on both sides of the engagement line. Kiev systematically works for deepening the crisis in the settlement process," he said.

"At the meeting Donbass representatives invited Kiev’s delegation once again to start coordinating a roadmap for a comprehensive political settlement of the conflict in accordance with the Minsk Accords," Gryzlov said. "The exchange of opinion showed that the Ukrainian side, as before, continues to conceal from Donetsk and Lugansk its stance regarding a political settlement," he added.

"The participants in the Contact Group record that the Kiev side does not abide by the ceasefire agreements. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to shell settlements, destroying infrastructure in Donbass. New injuries reported among the civilians, including children," Gryzlov went on to say.

"Meanwhile, Ukrainian representatives continue to ignore appeals from Donbass for an early harmonization and launch of the coordination mechanism for verification and prevention of ceasefire violations," he noted. "Kiev representatives have once again refused to work with Donbass on humanitarian issues, instead trying to impose the lineup of the Donetsk and Lugansk delegations," he stressed.

"Thus, a dialogue on the release of the detained persons and the opening of checkpoints on the contact line has been fully stopped, Gryzlov stated.