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‘Road to Hell’: Putin raises concerns over foreign meddling in Post-Soviet security bloc

According to the Russian president, Moscow could not turn a blind eye to the situation in Belarus

NOVO-OGARYOVO, December 2. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concerns over foreign meddling in the internal affairs of a number of countries. According to the president, such moves are always justified by “good intentions”, which, as the saying goes, will "pave the road to hell."

Speaking at Wednesday’s meeting of the CSTO’s Collective Security Council, the Russian leader noted that, in particular, Moscow could not turn a blind eye to the situation in Belarus. He explained that "movements and even conflicts" can emerge in any country, especially amid elections, but this is not what causes concerns; what does is "foreign intervention, financial support, informational support, and political support."

"[Meddling attempts] are always justified by the best intentions," Putin noted. "And, as we know, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ This is what these good intentions, meddling attempts, and interference in the internal affairs of other states, lead to."

Putin believes that national populations "must be provided with an option to deal with the issues that they are most concerned with by themselves."

"I hope that the Belarusian people have enough political maturity, so that they can calmly and without hasty steps, establish an internal political dialogue with all political forces and solve all their internal issues by themselves, without any external intervention," the president specified.

He expressed certainty that the Belarusian people would succeed. "Especially considering the political experience of the Belarusian president," Putin added.