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Hainan to create a center for distributing renewable resources

This program is aimed to create innovative platforms, specializing in recycling raw materials on the territory of Hainan Province

HAIKOU /China/, October 21. /TASS/. The city of Haikou which is the administrative center of South China's Haikou Province will create a center for the distribution of renewable resources in the near future. This is stated in the 2021-2025 industry development plan for raw material recycling published by the local administration.

According to the document, this facility will receive, recycle, sort and transport recyclable materials. Similar centers are planned to be built in the resort city of Sanya on the southern coast of the island, as well as in Danzhou (northwest), where Hainan's industrial enterprises are concentrated, as well as in the cities of Dongfang (west) and Wanning (southeast) and in Qunzhong-Li Miao Autonomous County (central part of the province).

Innovative platforms specializing in recycling raw materials will be created in the province within the framework of this project. Over time, authorities aim to build an industry cluster based on these platforms, which will provide the province with the whole cycle necessary for utilizing renewable resources.

According to the official commentary, by 2025 the province will recycle about 85% of scrap metal, plastic, paper, rubber tires, batteries, broken old motorcycles and scooters, and discarded electrical appliances and electronic fixtures. In addition, by 2035 the Hainan government plans to fully digitalize the recycling process, ensuring the development of relevant technologies to an advanced international level.