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Russian rotocraft maker to train Chinese pilots to operate Ka-32A multirole helicopters

ZHUHAI (China), November 1. /TASS/. Russian Helicopters Group has signed contracts at the China Airshow-2016 exhibition on the delivery of equipment for Kamov Ka-32A11VS multirole helicopters for the Chinese company Jiangsu Baoli and on training its flight and ground personnel, the Group told TASS on Tuesday.

"The contract stipulates the deliveries of ground support equipment, ground control means and instruments for the maintenance of Ka-32A11VS helicopters," the Russian Helicopters press office said.

"Also, a contract was signed for training the flight and ground personnel in the interests of Jiangsu Baoli,’ the press office added.

Chinese specialists will undergo a theoretical course at the Kamov training center and a practical course in China on the customer’s premises.

"Contracts will be fulfilled in 2017," the press office said.

Russian Helicopters Group signed a contract with Jiangsu Baoli in February 2016 on the delivery of four Ka-32A11VS multirole helicopters. Under the terms of the contract, two helicopters will be transferred to the customer in 2016 and the other two in 2017.

A Ka-32A11VS helicopter is designed to carry out search and rescue operations and altitudinal assembly works, transport cargoes, evacuate ill and injured persons, extinguish fires, and also to conduct patrol missions. In China, these helicopters are largely used to liquidate fires and carry out rescue operations.

Russian Helicopters Group has also signed a contract at the China Airshow-2016 exhibition with the Chinese company Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology Service Co. Ltd. on the delivery of Mil Mi-171, Ka-32 and Ansat helicopters, the Group’s press office told journalists.

"Under the contract, Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology has ordered two light Ansat helicopters in their medical modification and also two Mi-171 helicopters and one Ka-32 with an option for another 13 machines (three Ka-32s, four Mi-171s and six Ansats). The first helicopters will be delivered to the customer in 2017," the press office said in a statement.

Overall, Russian Helicopters Group plans to deliver 18 helicopters to Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology by the end of 2018.

As Russian Helicopters Deputy CEO for Marketing and Business Development Alexander Shcherbinin said at the ceremony for signing the contract, the rotocraft maker and Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology Service are cooperating for the first time. He also said he hoped that this cooperation would be long and fruitful.

"There are over 300 Russian helicopters operational in China. We hope that the first contract for the Ansat will evoke the interest of local air companies in this helicopter," Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.