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Russian premier: environmental measures can’t be postponed over budget deficit

Dmitry Medvedev pointed out that environmental problems should be resolved as soon as possible

GORKI, August 17. /TASS/. The solution of environmental problems can’t be postponed over a shortage of budget funds, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.

The Russian premier made this statement at a government meeting on federal budget expenditures for 2017 and for the planned period of 2018-2019 on nature conservation and environmental protection.

"A budget deficit and macroeconomics are quite abstract things for most people while the quality of water and the air, waste storage and recycling and possible dangerous natural disasters like forest fires that are now in plenty, indeed, worry people very much," the premier said.

"And these issues have to be resolved now and we can’t postpone them until a more favorable budget situation," Medvedev said.

Actually each populated area and each region have environmental problems and, therefore, associated risks for the health and well-being of people, the Russian premier said.

"Accumulated environmental damage still remains considerable while waste recycling and secondary use, water supply and waste treatment facilities require serious upgrade," the premier said.

The conservation of nature and the disappearing flora and fauna species are also an important area of work. The same applies to the development of the system of national parks and nature preserves, the Russian premier said.

Over the past few years, Russia has made a considerable progress in solving some environmental problems, the Russian premier said, noting that he considered it right to find necessary funds to support positive shifts.