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The Sanya IP Rights Protection Center in Hainan speeds up work

The time for reviewing applications to obtain documents confirming exclusive rights to inventions has been reduced more than sixfold

Haikou /China/, November 28. /TASS/. A new Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center in Sanya on the south coast of Hainan Island sped up its work regarding patents and licenses, the Hainan Daily reported.

According to the newspaper, the time for reviewing applications to obtain documents confirming the exclusive right to an invention was reduced from 20 to three months. It now takes 15 days instead of nine months to record a product modification. The amount of time it takes to consider an application for the registration of a new design concept is now just one week, while before it took up to eight months.

The newspaper notes that this year the Sanya Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center has made great progress, allowing a number of innovative measures to be put into practice. Thus, in recent months, the city has developed a mechanism that enables rapid implementation of important Hainan Free Trade Port projects related to advanced technology and industry modernization.

Local authorities noted that to resolve disputes concerning inventions and developments, the Intellectual Property Court of Haikou City (the province's administrative center) has established a special center at the Yazhouwan Science City in Sanya, which allows for complaints and lawsuits to be reviewed in the shortest possible amount of time both remotely and in person. In addition, the Hainan International Arbitration Court has set up a division in the south of the island to settle disputes between companies, including over the use of all kinds of know-how for commercial purposes.

The Sanya Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center was established in May. It registers inventions and documentation for their practical application, particularly in the field of modern agriculture and maritime industry. Since its launch, this patent and license platform has received more than 20,000 applications, over 2,200 of which involve trademark and latest development transfers.