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Sanya city becomes China's center for the introduction of electric cars in Hainan

Chinese authorities have selected 50 cities where infrastructure for electric vehicles will be developed at an accelerated pace

HAIKOU /China/, November 24. /TASS/. The Chinese government included Sanya resort town on the southern coast of Hainan island in the list of key cities in the country to promote electric cars, as reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information of China.

According to a document published by the agency within the framework of the launch of a pilot program to introduce environmentally friendly technologies in the field of transport communications, the Chinese authorities have selected 50 cities where the infrastructure for electric cars will be developed at an accelerated pace. Sanya is the only populated area in Hainan on the list so far.

"In recent years, the Sanya authorities have created favorable conditions for the popularization of electric cars, steadily stepping up the pace of the construction of stations and the optimization of infrastructure facilities, which will form a unified network for recharging," the Hainan Daily newspaper quoted the local information department as saying. "Our city will make efforts to comprehensively implement strategic measures and seek new models to support innovative projects."

According to the ministry, the Sanya city government will carefully study issues related to the safety of this mode of transport as it expands. For a more productive implementation of measures in this area, it said, a regulatory mechanism will be established with the government to promptly address all issues arising in this area.

According to official statistics, by the end of October there were more than 24.3 thousand alternative energy vehicles in Sanya, accounting for about 10% of the local car fleet. The relevant government agencies have already set up more than 7,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the city and continue to actively promote the expansion of the relevant infrastructure.

Sanya is China's leading resort, where more than 1 million people already live according to the 2021 census. The average annual temperature in the city is 25.4 degrees Celsius, and the coastline is more than 200 kilometers long. There are 19 bays and about 40 islands suitable for recreation. All this allows the local administration to successfully develop yacht tourism and beach recreation.