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China's Hainan hosts World New Energy Vehicle Congress

Hainan is the first province in China to announce plans to completely stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles on the island by 2030

HAIKOU, September 16. /TASS/. The manufacturers of vehicles running on alternative energy sources and components for them from more than 10 countries take part in the profile exhibition WNEVC 2021 (World New Energy Vehicle Congress 2021) held in Hainan's Haikou. According to Haiguan news portal, the event will run on September 15-17.

More than 100 manufacturers presented their products at the EXPO. A total of about 1,500 specialists, experts and representatives of this industry, both from China and abroad, gathered at this site. The focus of the specialized events of the exhibition, according to the news outlet, was the concept of low-carbon and green transport, the promotion of such cars on the market, as well as inter-industry cooperation.

The exhibition is part of the local government's program to promote alternative energy vehicles and, above all, electric vehicles in the province. Hainan is the first province in China to announce plans to completely stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles on the island by 2030 in an effort to combat pollution and protect the local environment. To this end, the government encourages the public to purchase electric and hybrid vehicles, and also develops all the neceaasry infrastructure. The province has a policy of subsidizing private purchases of such vehicles. The amount of subsidies depends on how much a car costs.

In 2021, the Hainan authorities announced plans to increase the number of eco-friendly cars on the roads of the province by another 25,000, but by the end of August this figure had reached almost 26,000 such vehicles. Thus, to date, 90,500 vehicles on alternative energy sources are registered in the province — 5.55% of the total number of vehicles in-use on Hainan. As for charging stations for electric vehicles, as of the end of August, their network in the province reached 36,000 units.