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Hainan's first business jet repair base begins operating

The industrial site belongs to the commercial carrier Deer Jet, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines

HAIKOU, November 9. /TASS/. Hainan's first business jet repair base located close to Meilan International Airport in Haikou, the provincial capital, has begun regular aircraft maintenance, reported the Hainan Daily.

According to the newspaper, the industrial site belongs to the commercial carrier Deer Jet, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines. It is expected that the base will constantly cooperate with both Meilan and another key airport in the region — Phoenix Airport (located in Hainan's Sanya).

“Over the recent years, we have continuously worked to create an integrated industry chain, to form which the best global resources were involved,” Deer Jet commented on the official launch of the new program. According to statistics, the airline has about 200 highly professional licensed engineers who are able to organize a wide range of repair work.

The local authorities are going to turn the facility into "Asia's largest business aircraft repair base, <...> create an eco- friendly industry that will hold a leading position on the international market." It is expected that such a project will have a boosting effect on the development of the entire aviation industry of Hainan's free trade port.

The Haikou Daily newspaper reported earlier that a modern repair area for passenger liners has been set up in the Meilan airport area recently. The complex "will support the development of the adjacent aviation industrial park and the economy of the Jiangdong New District," a special development zone established in June 2018. The aviation industrial zone located there is considered a key strategic object, thanks to which the Hainan government plans to create more than 100,000 new jobs.