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Putin shares his view on what Russian Army needs most

Vladimir Putin also said it is necessary to create scientific and technical potential for a new armament program

MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS/. Russia needs its own effective developments in the sphere of robotized systems for the Russian Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin said at a session of the military and industrial commission on Thursday.

According to Putin, "autonomous robotized systems are" among major areas of developing armaments.

"They are capable of principally changing the entire system of armaments of general-purpose forces. We need our own developments in this sphere as well," Russia’s supreme commander-in-chief said.

"And, of course, it is necessary to create scientific and technical potential for a new armament program," the Russian president said.

Last year, plans were discussed for establishing a council of chief designers for general-purpose forces, Putin said.

"I would like you to inform us about how this work ended and how the council’s activity will be organized," Putin said, addressing the session’s participants. 

Ground forces 

Putin ordered to deliver the best armaments to the Russian Army and boost its combat potential considerably.

"Along with the Air Force and the Navy, the role of ground forces in possible military conflicts is, of course, very significant and our task is to give them the best armament and equip with modern military hardware and build up their combat potential significantly," the Russian president said at a session of the military and industrial commission.

As the head of the Russian state noted, "the ground forces’ mobility and their readiness for far-flung deployment within the shortest time possible are a key indicator of their efficiency."

"It is necessary to increase the operational efficiency of these operations and the speed of the movement of units and formations," Russia’s supreme commander-in-chief said.

In Putin’s opinion, "there is still an acute task of equipping general-purpose forces with modern communications means."

"Much has already been done but practice shows that not all the problems have been resolved in this regard," the Russian president said.

Russia is now preparing "a new state armament program through 2025," Putin said.

"In the course of its fulfillment, the level of the provision of the Army and the Navy with modern armaments and military hardware should be no less than 70% by 2020," the head of the Russian state said.

According to Putin, "the solution of this task requires confident, stable and rhythmic work of the entire defense and industrial sector while military hardware delivered to troops should fully meet quality and reliability requirements."

"Enterprises fulfilling contracts should ensure rhythmic deliveries to the army," Putin said, formulating the task.

Putin suggested that the session of the military and industrial commission should discuss the main areas of the development of general-purpose forces.

"The talk is about long-term plans until 2025 and for a longer perspective," the Russian president said.

State defense 

The Russian president is content with the work of all the ministries and agencies involved in the country's defense sector: 

"These are good figures," the president said. "I would like to thank all ministries and agencies, as well as defense companies for coordinating their work and showing high responsibility thus enhancing the country’s defense capabilities."

Putin also said that in 2013, the State Defense Order had been completed by 93%, in 2014 by 96.7% and in 2015 by 97.6%.