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Efficiency of Pantsir-S air defense system against Storm Shadow missiles improved — Rostec

The Pantsir-S complex was conceived as a universal protection system, including against cruise missiles, long before the special operation

MOSCOW, August 17. /TASS/. Specialists of Rostec’s High Precision Weapons holding have increased the efficiency of the Pantsir-S air defense systems against Storm Shadow missiles, the holding representatives told TASS at the Army 2023 forum.

"All necessary alterations have been introduced to the Pantsir-S system, making it possible to increase its efficiency against ‘difficult’ projectiles and long-range missiles, including the long-range, low-visibility Storm Shadow cruise missile. The results of its combat use have proven the correctness of previously made design decisions," a company representative told TASS, answering a question about upgrades to the system, introduced during the special military operation in Ukraine.

The company noted that the Pantsir-S system was conceived as a universal system for defense, including against cruise missiles, long before the special operation.

Earlier, Rostec told TASS that the efficiency of upgraded Pantsir systems against HIMARS missiles stands at 100%.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, each Pantsir crew involved in the special military operation detects and destroys several targets every shift. Pantsir’s systems allow its operators to detect not only cruise and ballistic missiles, helicopters, planes and MLRS munitions, both of Soviet and Western design, but also regular 30 by 30 cm commercial drones, which Ukrainian forces often use for reconnaissance and as kamikaze drones.