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Transdniestrian agencies, news services report massive hacking attacks

Local residents also report mass mails containing false information seeking to provoke panic

CHISINAU, April 28. /TASS/. The websites of some government agencies and news services of the unrecognized Transdniestria have come under massive DDoS attacks, and the government’s Transdniestrian News and the Interior Ministry’s websites suspended work on Thursday.

"The website of the Transdniestrian News has come under a DDoS attack. The website is temporarily unavailable," the news service said on Telegram.

"The official website of the Interior Ministry of Transdniestria is temporarily unavailable," the agency said.

The presidential administration, the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee opened accounts on Telegram in recent days.

In addition, local residents report mass mails containing false information seeking to provoke panic. Transdniestrian authorities urge to use official sources for news. In this context, the local mobile operator tested an emergency alert system on Thursday.

Situation in Transdniestria

This week, Transdniestria was hit with a series of terrorist attacks. On Monday, grenade launchers were used to fire at the building of the State Security Ministry in Tiraspol. Later that day, explosions occurred at the airfield of a military unit in the vicinity of Tiraspol. It is assumed that attack was carried out by drones.

On Tuesday, unidentified people blew up two antennas of one of the largest broadcasting centers in the region, which are located in the village of Mayak. Later, sappers found and neutralized 10 more explosive devices in the area. On Wednesday, shooting was reported near military warehouses near the village of Kolbasna, where about 20,000 tons of ammunition are stored. Drones were spotted there, which were launched, according to the Transdniestrian authorities, from Ukraine.

The leader of Transdniestria, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said that the attacks originated from Ukraine. The government declared the maximum level of terrorist threat and stepped up security measures.