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Libyan parliament postpones parliamentary election by one month

The Libyan parliament eventually approved the law on Monday

CAIRO, October 6. /TASS/. The Libyan House of Representatives postponed parliamentary elections by one month on Tuesday, an advisor to Libyan Parliament's president Fathi Al-Marimi has told TASS.

"The exact date of the legislative vote is to be set by the Supreme Election Commission, which will sent its proposals to the parliament for approval," he said, adding that the parliament aims to "organize and hold presidential election first, and then the legislative one."

In February this year, the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Switzerland elected a new prime minister of the Government of National Unity and three members of the Presidential Council. Both bodies of power were sworn in on March 15 and started performing their duties in Tripoli with the aim of consolidating fragmented bodies of power across the nation and also preparing for and holding presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24.

However, the elections require a legislative base - the new law on presidential and parliamentary elections.

The Libyan parliament eventually approved the law on Monday. Prior to the approval, the document was endorsed by Libya’s Supreme State Council, the de-facto second chamber of the parliament with consultative functions, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood (outlawed in Russia) faction. On Tuesday, the State Council rejected the document and accused the parliament of attempts to disrupt the vote.