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German president, his wife cast their ballots in Sunday’s parliamentary elections

Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier took part in the postal voting

BERLIN, September 26./TASS/. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Budenbender cast their ballots in the Sunday’s parliamentary elections, voting at a polling station at a school in the west of Berlin.

On Sunday, President Steinmeier urged the nationals to go to the polling stations to vote. "You are deciding what trajectory our country will take for the coming four years, what parties will be represented in the Bundestag and what government will lead our country," he told journalists. "You can take part in the settlement of small and big problems of our time," the president said.

Germany is facing political transition, he stressed. Among the major problems facing the country, he listed the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, security issues and digitalization. "Every vote is important," the German president emphasized.

Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier took part in the postal voting.