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EU recognized Taliban victory in Afghanistan

EU ready to begin dialogue with them

BRUSSELS, August 17. /TASS/. The European Union is ready to begin dialogue with the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) but their recognition will depend on what they do, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrel said on Tuesday.

"The Taliban have won the war. So we will have to talk with them, in order to engage in a dialogue as soon as necessary to prevent a humanitarian and a potential migratory disaster but also a humanitarian crisis," he told a news conference after an online extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers. "It is not a matter of official recognition, it is a matter of dealing with them."

"This dialogue will also have to focus on the means to prevent a return of a foreign terrorist presence in Afghanistan," he noted. "We will deal with the Afghan authorities such as they are, at the same time remaining naturally vigilant of the respect of international obligations."

After the United States announced the end of an armed operation in Afghanistan and began to withdraw its troops, the Taliban launched a large-scale offensive on the government army and by August 15 entered Kabul after meeting no resistance. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he was resigning to avoid bloodshed and fled the country. Western nations are evacuating their citizens and embassy employees.