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Egypt receives Sputnik V shipment for Northern Africa athletes — embassy

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Egypt registered over 283,000 COVID cases

CAIRO, July 19. /TASS/. Another shipment of the Russian-made Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine arrived in Egypt on Monday. According to the Russian Embassy in Cairo, the vaccine will be distributed among athletes of national teams of a number of Northern African countries. 

"On July 19, another shipment of the highly-effective Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine arrived in Cairo. This time, it is a gift from the Russian Ministry of Sport of to the members of national teams of Egypt and athletes from other Northern African countries, which would help them participate in competitions despite the pandemic," the statement says.

"More than half [of vaccine doses] are intended for Egyptian athletes, and the rest are for athletes from Tunisia and Algeria," the embassy said.

The first Sputnik V shipment arrived to Egypt on June 24. In May, the Egyptian authorities announced an agreement with Russia on shipment of 20 million vaccine doses. On April 22, Russia’s Direct Investment Fund and Egypt’s Minapharm agreed to yearly production of over 40 million doses of the Sputnik V.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Egypt — population over 100 million people — registered over 283,000 COVID cases, with over 223,000 recoveries. A total of 16,446 people died. The situation in general has stabilized itself somewhat: in May, Egypt registered over 1,000 new cases daily, while in July, the daily case count decreased to 50-100.