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Lawmakers call on global community to adopt impartial approach to Belarus

Rising political and economic pressure on the country, which undermines its economic capabilities, were also pointed out

MINSK, June 10. /TASS/. Legislators of all levels and members of the Belarusian National Assembly’s Council of the Republic (the upper house of parliament) have adopted a message to the international community, calling for an impartial assessment of the situation around the country, the BelTA news agency reported on Thursday.

"We, the members of the Council of the Republic of the Belarusian National Assembly, the legitimate representatives of the Belarusian people, call on the international community to impartially assess the current situation around our country, where aggressive pressure on a sovereign state and its citizens and a blatant violation of the basic principle of international law, which ensures non-interference in the domestic affairs of countries, are being disguised as a fight for democratic values," the statement reads.

"Unprecedented and baseless sanctions are being imposed on Belarus. Moves to strip the country of the right to host international sporting events and take part in creative and professional competitions look absurd, as well as air service bans, discrimination against companies and organizations, and, after all, against the ordinary citizens of our country," the document added.

The lawmakers also pointed to rising political and economic pressure on the country, which undermines its economic capabilities. "We urge the international community to take a stand against this groundless, counterproductive and discriminatory policy against Belarus and show solidarity with our country in its efforts to defend its right to sovereignty and peace, and resume responsible and constructive cooperation for the good of all countries and nations, for the sake of peace, security and prosperity," the statement stressed.