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Iranian top diplomat turns down Trump’s initiative to send lung ventilators to Iran

Iran will be exporting ventilators in a few months, Mohammad Javad Zarif said

TEHERAN, April 19. /TASS/. Iran doesn’t need lung ventilators from the United States as it has enough of its own, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday.

"Iran will be exporting ventilators in a few months, Donald Trump," he wrote on his Twitter account. "All you need to do is stop interfering in the affairs of other nations, mine especially."

"And believe me, we do not take advice from any American politician," he added.

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday the United States was ready to send lung ventilators to Iran as an assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic. He said the country has "thousands of excess ventilators."

The coronavirus rates in Iran have been demonstrating downwards tendencies in the recent weeks. According to official statistics, the daily morbidity rate reached its peak on March 30 when as many as 3,186 new cases were confirmed. The overall number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Iran now stands at about 82,000, with at least 5,118 fatalities.