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Kazakhstan ready for joint approval of COVID-19 vaccination certificates with Russia

The date when the vaccination passports likely to be recognized was not specified

NUR-SULTAN, December 9. / TASS /. The Kazakh authorities have prepared all the necessary documents for the mutual recognition of the COVID-19 certificates with Russia, Health Minister Alexei Tsoi stated on Thursday.

"We are in talks, [this issue] was addressed at the highest level, even at the level of prime ministers. As for Kazakhstan, we are a hundred percent ready; while Russia is hammering out some issues related to legislative regulation," Tsoi told TASS.

The Kazakh defense minister did not specify the date when the vaccination passports likely to be recognized. "The negotiations are underway, our partners promise that [this will happen] soon," he mentioned.

Tsoi recalled that Kazakhstan had already recognized COVID-19 vaccination certificates for some 24 countries. This process involves exchanging notes between the foreign ministers of the countries, after that, the approval of vaccination passports is enshrined in the chief state sanitary doctor’s decree.

Since the start of the pandemic, Kazakhstan has registered 977,714 COVID-19 cases, while some 945,529 patients have recovered and 12,814 others have died. The country is home to over 19.1 mln citizens.

As of December 9, as many as 8,821,764 people received the first component of the COVID-19 jab in Kazakhstan, including 8,243,463 fully vaccinated citizens.