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KCNA releases text of comprehensive strategic partnership treaty with Russia

TASS collected the key provisions of the open-ended treaty

PYONGYANG, June 20. /TASS/. The Korean Central News agency has released the text of the North Korean-Russian treaty on comprehensive strategic partnership that was signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to that country.

The key provisions of the open-ended treaty are:

  • Immediate mutual assistance in case of aggression against any of the countries;
  • In case of a threat of aggression, the countries agree on measures to coordinate their positions, cooperate to remove the;
  • Moscow and Pyongyang commit themselves not to enter into any agreements with third countries that may threaten their sovereignty and security;
  • Russia and North Korea will make efforts to boost bilateral trade and create favorable conditions for economic cooperation;
  • Moscow and Pyongyang agree to develop cooperation in the area of space exploration, peaceful use of nuclear energy, AI, and IT;
  • The countries will invigorate cooperation in the area of the mass media to counter disinformation and information provocations;
  • Russia and North Korea will create a system of measures to strengthen defense potential to prevent war and ensure peace;.