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Media: Forest tourism zone in central Hainan becoming more popular

The area of ​​the tourist zone reaches 25 square kilometers

HAIKOU, October 3. /TASS/. Baihulain Rainforest Tourist Zone in Qiongzhong Li Miao Autonomous County in the heart of Hainan is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, reported the Hainan Daily.

"We receive about 7,000 tourists every day," said general manager of Baihualin Wu Liangfeng. The pristine nature and evergreen rainforests that cover most of the area are popular with both visitors and locals, he said.

“In order for our guests to admire the scenery where the most ancient forest is located, we laid boardwalks, equipped supply stations and built a pavilion to admire the local waterfall,” explained the head of the forest tourism zone. As one of the employees of this cultural and entertainment facility clarified, more and more people with children come to check out the rainforests recently.

"Our mission is not only to provide visitors with the opportunity to see the tropical jungle, but also to help them better understand nature," Wu Liangfeng said. As he noted, this is "an ideal place for educational travel."

The area of ​​the tourist zone "Baihualin" reaches 25 square kilometers. More than 1,000 plant species grow on its territory, several dozen of which are under state protection. One of the main local attractions is a waterfall over 300 meters high. This popular tourist attraction is located 160 km from the resort town of Sanya and 108 km from Haikou (the administrative center of the region), which can be quickly reached via the highway.

According to statistics, since the formation of Hainan Province in 1988, the area of ​​forests covering the island has increased by more than 1.6 times, to 21,300 square kilometers (approximately 62% of the territory). Over the past 30 years, the local authorities estimate that over 71.5 million people have taken part in the green campaign, planting more than 300 million trees on the island.