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Moscow police foil 24 terror-linked crimes in 2019

The statistics refers to the period of the first six months of the current year

MOSCOW, July 5. /TASS/. Moscow police prevented 24 terrorist crimes in the first six months of 2019, the Russian Interior Ministry's Main Directorate for Moscow reported.

"Police prevented 24 terrorism-related crimes [five crimes more than last year] with support from colleagues from other law enforcement structures," the report says.

According to the materials, police managed to reduce crime and prevent deterioration of the crime situation in Moscow over the reported period. "The number of robberies decreased by 4.9%, and the number of muggings totalled 342, which is 20 crimes fewer than in the six months of the previous year. The number of burglaries reportedly decreased by 111, and vehicle thefts fell by 229," the report says.