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Rosatom in talks on datacenters supplies to Vietnam, Egypt and India

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. Vietnam, Egypt and India have taken interest in the technology of mobile, compact and containerized datacenters developed by specialists of the Russian state-run nuclear corporation Rosatom, chief engineer of a Rosatom affiliate Sergei Akulov said on Tuesday.

"We have several customers. We are negotiating with them - it is India, it is Vietnam. Egypt has also taken interest just recently, expressing the interest in receiving datacenters in two builds. The first is containerized datacenters and the other one is mobile datacenters," Akulov said.

The Rosatom Group is negotiating deliveries of mobile datacenters to India, Digitalization Director of the group Ekaterina Solntseva said earlier.

Rosatom started offering the technology of mobile, compact and containerized datacenters 2-3 years ago, because it significantly reduces costs of building such datacenters.

"The effect of capital construction and design costs with the expert examination is a fairly large cost component when developing a datacenter - these are capital costs of making walls, foundations, roofing, and so on. Therefore, having the understanding of all that, we started offering modular structures. We can start developing the datacenter on the potential base of the customer within 2-3 months," Akulov said.

The company is currently working on receipt of an international patent making possible to build mobile and containerized datacenters overseas, he said. The patent is expected to be obtained in this year.