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Putin considers United Russia party’s intention to report on achievements annually right

Russian President noted that after the elections, the party immediately began implementing its goals

MOSCOW, December 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the intention of the United Russia party to report on its achievements annually right.

"I consider it a good thing that you are going to report to people annually, tell them about the party’s concrete activities and what it has achieved. We need to speak openly about sensitive issues and about those that have not been dealt with, and to suggest solutions," President said in his address to participants of the third phase of the party’s 20th congress on Saturday. He noted that after the elections, the United Russia party immediately began implementing its goals. "This shows responsibility, and the maturity of the political force. Because every word that we give people must become a real deed and the achieved result must change life for the better," the Russian leader stressed.

The priorities of the people’s program are reflected in the federal budget for the next three years, Putin said. That said, the parliamentary faction "not only supported this draft law but also made some important amendments of a social nature and helped ensure that some important decisions were made, such as increasing the minimum monthly wage and subsistence rate," he added. "I would like to thank you for your support and for quickly implementing these measures that aim to raise people’s incomes, and I would also like to thank you for promoting other initiatives that we agreed on during the election campaign, including in June and August, at the Congress’ previous stages. I would like to recall that, at the time, this concerned additional payments to senior citizens, the indexation of pensions and pay grades of service personnel and law enforcement officers, and new ambitious programs to provide employment for young people, to relocate tenants of dilapidated housing, to develop a medical rehabilitation system, and to build and overhaul schools," President concluded.

Putin believes that the United Russia party has offered a constructive program, each of its points being well-weighed and calculated from the point of view of implementation, to people. "Your success was not determined by loud and attractive slogans, which mainly involve nothing but empty and impossible promises. You had a different campaign style, a different approach, a different attitude towards voters," President said. "The party offered the citizens of Russia a constructive, fruitful and unifying agenda and presented a program that it began to form long before the elections, during the course of meetings and conversations with people and through discussing topical, acute, pressing issues with them. The program is rightfully called popular, because it is based on the proposals and initiatives of the citizens of our huge country, of all its regions. And what is important, each of its points is well-weighed and calculated from the point of view of implementation within defined, specific deadlines," he emphasized.

"I believe that voters positively assessed the updated composition of United Russia. Volunteers, civic activists, and youth leaders became its candidates for election at various levels. Almost half of the composition of your faction in the State Duma of the eighth convocation has changed," the Russian leader noted.

"United Russia was one of the first major socio-political forces that supported the We Are Together volunteer movement and took an active part in it. Many members and supporters of the party became volunteers in the very first days of the pandemic: they helped doctors and nurses in hospitals and outpatient clinics, delivered food and medicines and did everything in their power to make people feel their care and attention in those difficult times. It is crucially important that you continue this work," he concluded.