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Indonesia deports Russian citizen suspected of smuggling 60 kg of hashish

According to Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs, the perpetrator set up a group whose members distributed drugs in St. Petersburg with the goal of gaining illegal profits

MOSCOW, March 24. / TASS /. Indonesia deported to Russia Andrey Kovalenko, who was involved in smuggling and illegal sale of hashish as part of the group, Spokeswoman for Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk reported on Wednesday. 

Seven years ago, some 60 kg of hashish were seized from suspects during the raid, she said.

"Today, Andrey Kovalenko, accompanied by the staff of the Interpol National Central Bureau of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, was taken to Moscow. He is accused of committing crimes under Articles 30, 228.1 of Russia’s Criminal Code (attempted illegal production, sale or transfer of drugs) and 229.1 (illegal trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors), " the spokeswoman stated.

According to Irina Volk, the perpetrator set up a group whose members distributed drugs in Russia’s second largest city St. Petersburg with the goal of gaining illegal profits. In November 2013, police detained some group members. During the raid, they found and seized about 60 kg of hashish. The group’s leader at that time managed to evade responsibility. A criminal case was opened against him and the man was put on Interpol’s wanted list.

"In 2019, Indonesia reported that Andrey Kovalenko had been sentenced on its soil for drug possession. After serving his sentence, the man was due to be sent to the migration service’s office of the Bali province to prepare for deportation. However, he managed to escape while being transferred to a migration detention center. Two weeks later, police officers detained the defendant in the Northern Kuta region," the spokeswoman for Russia’s Internal Affairs Ministry noted.

The suspect has been deported from Indonesia and taken to Russia.