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Hainan authorities drew over 300,000 talented personnel to the island in three years

The Million Talents program was launched in the spring of 2018

HAIKOU, October 12. /TASS/. During three years, the Hainan authorities attracted more than 300,000 talented people to the island as part of Million Talents project, according to Xinhua. 

The Million Talents program was launched in the spring of 2018. As part of its implementation, the Hainan authorities launched five projects to draw talents to the island and seven projects to train them. According to the plan, the province intends to attract one million talented professionals by 2025.

According to Xinhua, by the end of July 2021, the provincial authorities had attracted 309,000 talented people, which symbolizes the implementation of the first stage of the Million Talents program, aimed at attracting 200,000 people. The report notes that this has significantly reduced the province's need for qualified personnel as part of the construction of a free trade port on the island.

According to Xinhua, despite the restrictions amid the pandemic, the Hainan authorities are helping to attract not only Chinese citizens to the island, but also professionals from other countries. From April 2018 to the end of July 2021, foreigners were granted more than 9,000 residence permits with the right to work. Moreover, in January-July 2021 alone, 1,500 such documents were issued.

The article also notes that the active attraction of talented specialists to the province is facilitated by a number of preferential policies within the framework of the construction of a free trade port on the island.

On June 1, 2020, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council published a program for Hainan's free trade port. The document provides for the creation of a special customs zone on this tropical island. The Chinese authorities plan to generally complete the construction of a free port on the territory of the province in 2025, by which time a system for ensuring free trade and investment should be built on the island. By 2035, it is planned to ensure freedom of trade and investment, cross-border movement of capital, people, and freight traffic on Hainan.