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Agricultural fair in China's Sanya draws foreign tourists to Hainan

About 50 items of goods were presented at the fair

SANYA, July 26./TASS/. Numerous guests of the resort city of Sanya in the southern Chinese province of Hainan had an opportunity to get acquainted with the products of local rural producers, and also try Hainan delicacies at a special fair. According to, the fair opened primarily for foreign tourists to promote local products.

The fair made it possible for the Hainani farmers to demonstrate their products, many of which can be found only in this particular Chinese province. The visitors can purchase Hainan pheasants, geese, ducks, as well as exotic fruits grown by the inhabitants of the villages of Baoan, Baolong, Baoqian and Nahui.

About 50 items of goods were presented at the fair, each of which was accompanied by a nameplate in Chinese, English and Russian. Assistance to foreign tourists was provided by volunteers with knowledge of foreign languages. Rural residents representing their products were provided with electronic translators for easy communication with foreign customers.

"This is a very significant event," the portal cites the words of a Russian tourist who visited the fair after seeing an invitation written in Russian on a billboard in Sanya. The Russian woman was interested in exotic fruits and she left the fair not empty-handed, said the news outlet.

The organizers of the fair provided free space for the sales to all producers from rural areas. About 90% of the goods were sold to tourists at prices below the market average, the portal noted.